Food Waste: Unpacking the Rubbish Bin Sydney Design Festival 2018

Food Waste: Unpacking the Rubbish Bin, was shown in partnership with 2018 Sydney Design Festival. It is in response to the 2018 theme Call to Action and depicts climate change statistics in print. 

Below is an excerpt of the concept: 

How much thought goes into your weekly grocery run? How about cleaning out the fridge? Putting out the bins? Where does your food come from? From the convenience of our urban dwellings, it is easy to overlook the impact our engagement with food has on the planet.
Yet, as the planet increasingly transforms at the hands of humans, we must consider the effects of our everyday behaviours. Climate change is one of the biggest issues we have created, and tackling this is imperative. In Australia each of us waste almost 200 kilograms of edible food every year. Not only is the food itself wasted, but also the precious, finite resources required to produce it.

Through a series of aesthetically engaging and statistically accurate graphic representations of Australia’s food waste, this large-scale print exhibit by artist Anna Bellotti brings food waste to the forefront of contemporary discourse and facilitates communication of scientific research to the urban community. With education comes awareness, and awareness leads to change. Each print is designed to stimulate self-reflection on a particular aspect of food waste.

More details can be found on the Sydney Design Festival website here:
Listen to Anna's interview on 2SER about the exhibition here:

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