Anna Bellotti is a textile and graphic artist based in Melbourne Australia. She graduated from a Bachelor of Design with Honours from the University of New South Wales, having developed a passion for sustainable design. Since graduating she has been broadening her artistic practice through material exploration of natural fibres, creation of texture and digital print design.

She is particularly interested in how art can represent human interaction with the built and natural world, particularly in relation to consumerism, and how this broadens the discourse surrounding global issues. She is currently exploring how print and pattern can be used to communicate climate change statistics. Her work often deals with notions of imperfection and repetition. Her exhibition ‘Food Waste: Unpacking the Rubbish Bin’ will feature in Sydney Design Festival 2018, March 7-11 at M2 Gallery.

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Her interview discussing her work Food Waste: Unpacking the Rubbish Bin with 2SER can be found here:

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